Nox sensor for truck and bus failure mode and classification

2019-6-6 8:14:14

Nox sensor for truck and bus failure mode and classification

The NOx sensor is installed at the outlet end of the exhaust system catalyst to measure NOx emissions.It consists of a sensor probe, a control module, a connection plug and a connecting cable.

Working principle: The NOx sensor is an intelligent sensor that communicates with the engine ECU through the CAN bus. The NOx sensor performs internal fault self-diagnosis, reports the fault to the ECU through the CAN bus, and the NOx sensor body is connected with the NOx control module. 

Failure mode: damage will result in 1, no burning of urea; 2, no fueling; 3, insufficient power; 4, CAN line communication failure.

Detection method: The test can be carried out using the nitrogen oxide sensor test function on the urea pump test bench or the decoder. The test result is qualified to indicate that the sensor is normal, and the test failure indicates that the sensor performance is poor.

Nitrogen Oxygen Sensor Type

Classified by brand: Weichai, Yuchai, Xichai, Shangchai, Zhongqi, Cummins, etc.

According to the supply voltage classification: 24V and 12V.

According to the plug classification: five pins and four pins.

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